Packing Kit

Check for following things in your “Travel kit” before you leave for Kolkata >
Address, Phone number and contact details of your allotted stay hotel
Company id or any other Photo id proof of self and spouse
Journey Tickets
Mobile phone & Charger
Camera with charger (if you wish to click photos)
Comfortable footwear/shoes suitable for rainy season: You may need them while walking
Umbrella, rain coat & rain sandals/shoes: in case, if it gets rainy during the day
Carry torch for your safety
Medicines, in case you are taking any medicine these days
Carry less luggage and keep some space, you may want to buy souvenirs at Kolkata

If you are traveling with Kids >
Keep precautionary medicines in consultation with your family doctor
Kid’s raincoat and shoes (they may need it during sight-seeing tour)

Remember to Inform >
Your senior/VNR event co-coordinator about your time of arrival
For delays in arrival, keep us informed
Back home, leave details of travel and contact details of hotel

Do not forget to wear > A SMILE !!

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